Hello World!

Greetings. This is my first post. So what’s going on now in my world — Gardening!

I’m into growing vegetables in containers. I first filled various pots with dirt. Now, they’re brimming with seedlings and baby transplants. But it’s far too early for all of this where I live. Last night, I had to cover my fledgling plants because of frost warnings. But they survived.

My plantings so far include: radishes, beets, lettuce and peas. I’ve even slipped in three tomato plants. (It’s way too early for the tomatoes, but we’d had several warm days, and I’d developed an itch that I just HAD to scratch.)

This obsession made its way into my life after I came across a splendid book called, The Bountiful Container. (No, I am not one of it’s two authors, nor am I related to them, nor do I even know them.) One of the book’s blurbs says you’ll be tempted to fill every container you have. They neglected to mention that you might run out and buy even more containers as you keep envisioning more and more pots filled with wonderful, home-grown edibles. That’s what’s happened to me!

My babies.

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2 Responses to Hello World!

  1. pickmeyard says:

    I love your blog! I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures with gardening in containers.

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