A Learning Experience

It’s funny how much I’m learning now that I’m old. Take pansies. I’ve always loved them, but I never grew them. Turns out, by the time I went to the plant shops in mid-May, pansies were long gone. I didn’t realize they were such early gardening birds. But this year, because I was het up to get things into my containers, I was in the shops when the pansies were there on April 1st. What fun. I love their little faces and am delighted to have them in one of my containers.

And take containers. What an experience they have been. I’ve seen them all. I’m using them all. If you look at the photo in my previous post, you’ll see my granddaddies. They’re the coal bucket and the galvanized bucket which I’ve used for lettuce for years, and the tall planter in the upper left-hand corner of the photo in which I have religiously planted basil. That’s been it until this year, and, as you know, this year I have spread my wings and multiplied my buckets. I’ve even used the retired recycling bucket the county gave us to lug to the curb. (It’s been replaced by a super-sized model with wheels. :)) And that old recycling bucket in vivid yellow sits at the far end of my container garden with one of the over-early tomato plants tucked inside it. It’s a colorful corner of my garden, it’s flanked on either side by two blue containers, one dark, the other pastel. One of my friends called it my French Provincial corner.

But drilled with drain holes, they all work, or at least they are supposed to. That’s what the book tells me. I’m just grateful that I’m still flexible enough and bright enough to learn.

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2 Responses to A Learning Experience

  1. mamaraby says:

    I’m not sure if there is a flower I love more than pansys. I just love their bright faces!

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