A night to remember?

 Here I am with young, vigorously growing tomatoes and a brief, overnight freeze on the way. No! That’s not what I wanted. Not now.

I have five tomato plants growing in tubs. Three of them are doing very well. Two of them are tucked into the back of a container, where they are possibly getting too much shade from astoundingly tall beet leaves. Drats. (It may take me a while to get the knack of combining plants in one container. But when I put the tomatoes there, the beet leaves were too short to block sunlight.) Ugh.

 Anyway, not to digress, the problem now is larger than a couple of tomatoes struggling against a bit of shade. The problem now is a predicted overnight low of 32 degrees.

 I’m not totally unprepared for this. On two previous occasions we’ve had frost warnings here, and I’ve ducked outside both times and successfully covered the “tender vegetation.” But my plants are taller now. They’re not going to fit under the pots I previously used to hide them. Now, I’m thinking of using boxes. Big boxes.

 And what about all those other things? The beets, the peas, the nasturtiums, and radishes, and yes, even a recently emerged zucchini? What can I find to put over them? The peas have dutifully climbed their poles. I can’t think of any way to cover them.

 Of course, I probably wouldn’t be trying to garden if I weren’t to some small extent — determined. So, I’ll probably figure this all out – once I step beyond my current panic.

 Next year, I’ll listen to the experts and wait to set out plants until the proper moment. It’s just that I had been so warm here, despite the couple of cold snaps. And tomorrow night’s low is predicted to be in the upper 40s. So this isn’t a risk of long duration that I face. Just wish my plants luck.

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2 Responses to A night to remember?

  1. Mrs Twiddle says:

    I hope everything survived! I’m thinking of getting some garden fleece for next time. It’s easier to throw over things and should offer enough protection. We had a frost last night and the nearest thing to hand to cover the potatoes was a roll of weed-suppressing tarpaulin – not at all attractive!

    • tempusflits says:

      Hi. Yes. My plants came out okay. I haven’t heard of garden fleece but I like the sound of it. I used boxes and plastic sheeting and empty pots to cover things. Ultimately though, the frost was a no show, although it did get down to 34 degrees. Still, things are so far along that maybe the early planting is worth it. Thanks for visiting.

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