They’re at it again . . .

It’s the cardinals, a pair of them. I discovered all this while taking a break from a delightful morning I’d spent adding this and that to my gardening containers. First that, and now this. Those birds are taking up residence beside my back patio, a place where we were unable to peacefully co-exist once before.

The female of this pair is, as I type, busily building her nest in a bush in clear sight of me right in front of my patio table.  I doubt her spouse will be happy about this. He wasn’t last time, although it’s probably not the same dude this time round. But given that bird’s reaction, I can’t picture this guy being pleased about this.

You see, the last time the male cardinal got a bit aggressive, flying down the length of my patio, dead center. In turn, I spent my moments worrying that someday I’d stand up from my seat at the table, turn about, and get a cardinal beak in my chest. He flew that low and close to me, skimming past me just inches beyond my left ear. Somehow, I suspected him of making a statement, and a threatening message it seemed.

Well, I persevered, and I stood by my rights to sit at my patio table. The upside to that tale is that the pair of them moved their nest elsewhere. (I can’t prove it, but I’d swear they took up residence immediately outside my bedroom window and enthusiastically welcomed me to the new day with their tweeting at 5:30 each morning. But then maybe I’m projecting. That might be what I’d do if I had been run off a prime habitation — well at least I might fantasize about it — if I were a bird and could fly and chirp.)

Anyway, all of this has me wondering what the outcome will be this time round. The last time the cardinals’ nest was buried deep in my honeysuckle vine. I couldn’t see any sign of it from where I sat. This time their nest is in a different bush: front and center and visible. I sat and watched open-mouthed this morning as Mrs. Cardinal tucked more twigs into the nest’s expanding girth. I could see the whole thing. If they stay where they’re at, I’ll have a front-row seat for their feedings.

Now maybe, this time, the male will be indifferent to my presence. That’s what seemed to happen with the female. When I first saw her, this morning, she was sitting on branch, looking at me. I had the uncomfortable feeling that she was taking my measure. If she’s back and proceeding with her nest-building, she must have summed me up as not much of a threat. I just hope that thought is shared by her other half.

Anyone willing to lay odds?

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2 Responses to They’re at it again . . .

  1. I am SO jealous! I LOVE cardinals!

  2. tempusflits says:

    Me, too. I just hope this time round that the male likes me!

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