Adventures from my Gardening Journal

 I have only recently become aware of how helpful it is to have a planting record for the garden. If I’d written down when I planted whatever, and I referred to the maturity estimate, I’d have a better idea of whether the crops were ready to harvest. So, in an effort to make up for my earlier omission, I’ve started this gardening journal. It notes when what was planted if the planting date is known. It also marks and comments on harvests: what was mature and what wasn’t; what might benefit from fertilizing or other containers, perhaps. Gardening records, who knew?

P = planted

H = harvested


Red bucket atop the storage bin: P: did not record when.

H: 4/8, thinned and used as baby greens in a mass of mixed greens. Awesome.

H: 5/15, pulled two plants. Terribly immature. Large leaves but no beet to speak of. Cooked anyway along with greens. Now that I think about it, these would have had to have been planted 3/15 at least to be ready, (60 day estimate), which of course they were not. Let the rest of them sit for at least two to three weeks more before harvesting. Might want to start fertilizing, too. No that much growth on the root. I was surprised and disappointed. However, this also served as a thinning to give the remaining beets more room, so there is some benefit to this premature harvest. Am having them this morning with bacon and toast. Oops, but awesome.

H:5/30-pulled the rest to make room for cukes. Still immature.

The beets have disappointed me. They’ve never grown a good, substantial root. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. More fertilizer needed, perhaps. Speaking of fertilizing, I need to hop to it!

Small pot w/lettuce: P: late 3/early 4; H: not yet; not growing well – pot too crowded? Container too small? (It didn’t take off until I fertilized it. Hint. Hint.)

Flexible blue bucket: (Beets) P: 4/6; h:pulled on 6/12, miniscule. Again, not hitting 60-day estimate. Try fertilizing regularly. I think that must be it – perhaps.

Yellow Squash:

Large clay pot: P: 4/28; h:


Yellow bin: (Celebrity) p: 4/15

Red bucket: (Celebrity) p: 4/15

Med. plastic tub: (Patio) p: 4/22

Lg. plastic tub: (Sugar Snack) p: ? April (later than above)

Plants checked 6/16 and I cannot believe my eyes! Lots of baby tomatoes on every one of them. I suspect they’ve liked all this rain, heat, and humidity. Wish I could say the same. Oh, well, as long as it’s good for the tomatoes.

Tomato update: 6/18: Patio: lots of little toms on it. Still looks good. Would never get much of a harvest but other than that it’s doing well and is productive for its size.. Sugar snack has grown half-way to the moon. More stems than toms. We’ll see. What I like about it is that it’s indeterminate. Celebrity: great plant: tall, lush, and well endowed with baby toms. Very pleased. Now, if only it were indeterminate. Oh well, eventually, it will give me a nice planter for fall crops.

Zucchini: P: 4/28: a few blossoms turning color, (6/16) may bloom? That’d be nice. Yes! Plant checked this morning (6/17). Blossoms have opened. A baby zucchini looks as though it’s been fertilized. Yes. I’ll be harvesting that puppy before long! Yippee! (6/18 I’ve read so many wonderful zucchini recipes that I wish I’d planted more of them, particularly for the blossom harvest. Dang.)

Yellow Squash: P: 4/28

Peppers: (Sweet, jalapeno, & cherry bomb) P: 5/12; (6:16 replanted two sweet pepper plants. The originals were swamped and rotted by too much rain and maybe by something eating the leaves, too. I think the cherry bomb are gone. [Nothing seems to be growing well in that back, two-tiered planter. I don’t know why — although the cukes look good so far.]

Two baby jalapeno peppers showing. (Recipe found this a.m.: de-seed jalapeno peppers, stuff with cream cheese, wrap with bacon, and bake ’til done. Whoopi!) They may kill me, but what a way to go!(Now I wish I were growing jalapenos in bigger pots and had more of them!)

Swiss Chard: P: 4/21 in galvanized bucket; H: 6/14 Used a few leaves in Lidia’s Italy bean dish. They were awesome. Keep fertilizing. They’re beginning to look robust. (6/19).

Cucumbers: Red pot intended for toms. Pulled rest of beets. Lemon cukes left and regular cukes right. p:5/30;h (65) (They’re up! They’re up! 6/4; but they are growing slowly! 6/17).

Basil: P: 5/30;h, in coal bucket with jalapeno pepper plant.

Peas: No innoculant, didn’t record planting. Will harvest 4 small pods 5/30. Go figure. Need to pull pea vines and replant bucket with something else. Maybe beans. Green beans. I love ’em. We’ll see. (Done 6/16).

Beans: P: 6/16 in bucket formerly used for peas.

Herbs: all went out in early- to mid-May and have been my most gloriously productive plants. They’re golden! Wonderful flavoring for a variety of dishes. Lucky, lucky me.

Fall crop plans: (plant mid-August) beets, radishes, turnips, lettuce. I should put out some more garlic now, mid-June). They’re fun little things and come in quickly. Could do.


From something I saw yesterday on The Victory Garden, I’d say it would be good to plant zucchinis next year in the pots in which I grew tomatoes. The squash might restoreth the soil.

Many things didn’t start growing well until after I’d begun fertilizing them: hint, hint. (In self defense, I thought the soil I used, all new, was supposed to be pre-fertilized and capable of feeding plants for up to six months, or something like that. Yeah, right. Most of the stuff didn’t take off until after I’d started in with that well-known, commercial fertilizer.) There ya’ go.

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2 Responses to Adventures from my Gardening Journal

  1. Taylor says:

    I always start out every year with the idea that I’ll keep a journal. I get about three weeks into and POOOOF, bye bye record-keeping. I do have VERY good records of when I start my seeds though!

    • tempusflits says:

      I started it because I hoped to have a better idea of when to harvest. But I pulled a couple of beets tonight, and they’re still tiny. But boy did they taste good!

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