Making hay while . . .

We’ve had pleasant weather here in central Illinois this week, and today I got outside and got some badly needed work done. Weeded several beds, including one in which I thought I’d found a discarded snake-skin. (Honest, it looked flat to me.) But when I returned a short time latter, it was gone. Since I doubt the skin wiggled off by itself that means the snake still must have been inside it. Eww. But I’m grateful that the bed is weed free, even if the pest returns.

I also beat back vines and clipped down small, volunteer trees, and pulled, and clipped, and trimmed, and watered, and tidied several other beds as well. The planter containing a geranium and some petunias finally got a little of my attention. I’d plopped it down in the front flower bed weeks ago before leaving for a family emergency and have only now gotten around to making up to it. It’s a pretty sorry-looking sight. But I’ll keep at it now. It will get better.

Thanks to today’s efforts one of my jalapeno peppers now has a larger pot. It was looking limp each morning, while the other plants were not. I decided it’s problem was that it had outgrown its pot. I hope my transplanting doesn’t hurt it. It has four baby peppers on it. I cannot wait for those to get a wee bit bigger.

I also pulled the rest of the chard since reading about some of the problems with the leaves on my plants. I’ll hope to do better with a fall planting, maybe there will be fewer pests around this fall — at least I hope so! (Thank you Daphne’s Dandelions for your informative articles. I learned a lot during my reading of them this morning, including learning that I no longer wanted to eat leaves like that. Who knew?) I salvaged what leaves I could and will have a nice mess to do something fun with.

I’m just grateful we’ve had a week without that excessive heat and humidity that had blanketed the area for so long before the cool front moved through. Life’s good. Things are growing.

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3 Responses to Making hay while . . .

  1. Hope that the better weather will stay for the following weeks…

    And be careful about the snake. I have heard people sprinkling salt to keep the snake away…

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  2. Snakes! Yikes! I know they are around my garden – just haven’t seen one and hope not to.

    It can be tiring, but so rewarding, to tidy up a garden, can’t it? The weeds pulled and spent blooms pinched back. A sense of accomplishment when all is done. My gardens are so lush this year with all the rain. My pots, however, are a pretty sorry lot. I will pinch them back this week and fertilize them and adopt your attitude that they will get better. Thank you for spurring me on . . .

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