Harvest Monday — on Wednesday

Harvest Wednesday
Oh, dear, I’ve missed a deadline, which is, I will say, as a former, dedicated, small-town journalist, unusual for me. I might not have liked the story I was handed, or the direction in which the concoction had drifted, but miss the deadline? Never!

Oh well, I guess retirement brings with it different standards. Plus, for what it’s worth, there was a holiday mixed in there, too.

Anyway, the harvest this week was not too shabby — even if it relied heavily on my herbs which have been churning out growth like little, green, irrepressible, flavor factories.

And although my jalapeno pepper plants do not have one of their delectable fruit showing in my harvest photo, they may take center stage this year for the most productive plants in my garden. I have at least five peppers on each of the two plants and there are months yet to go to October.

My patio tomato takes top honors for producing the first, ripe globe this year to land in my basket. I think I will always grow a patio tomato. The plant by itself is so pretty with its lush, dark leaves and fine shape. It truly belongs on a patio, the more elegant a one, the better. I appreciate its lowering of its high standards to appear in my lowly, back yard. Just kidding. But it is an attractive plant.

Other goodies in my basket this week include: chard, fennel, basil, oregano, lettuce, chives. garlic chives. rosemary, thyme, and tarragon.

The sugar snack tomatoes and the first of the celebrity are showing signs of ripening. I’m revved. Unfortunately, I’ve had to pull out my zucchini plant. It’s been visited by some bad thing. I don’t know what. It’s sister, the yellow squash will follow today, as it’s showing the same unsightly growth — or lack of it. But this disaster just gives me another pot or two for green beans. And I’m also going to sow some lettuce. I miss all those lovely spring greens I had. I’ll give it a go in a somewhat shady spot. What they hey, seeds don’t really cost that much.

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7 Responses to Harvest Monday — on Wednesday

  1. kris says:

    I like your post. Your blog is fantastic. thanks for sharing,..

  2. Derek Slater says:

    Wow – very impressive! Starting from scratch on building a raised bed, we were very late getting things into the ground. So we’re a few weeks from doing any harvesting still.

    • tempusflits says:

      My spring crops are past and the summer ones are ambling along. I’ll be low on harvests for the next few weeks myself. You’ve started big. I like the attitude.

  3. Oh, the joy of summer’s bounty! What a wonderful picture of your harvest.
    We just finished our first corn on the cobb for the summer. We only came up for air. It is still a little early up here around Chicago, so, I’m guessing these came from a bit further south in Illinois, but, our local roadside farmstand had them and I just couldn’t resist.

  4. hellesbelles86 says:

    Beautiful! That chard looks especially delicious and it reminded me that even if I am losing tomatoes, I have some of that hanging out in my smaller bed waiting to be enjoyed in a recipe passed down from my mom. Yum!!

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