Oops, it’s Harvest Wednesday

Cherry tomatoes, a patio tomato, with bronze fennel and tarragonWell, I missed Harvest Monday. So here I am determined to share my harvest with someone other than my cat. I’m thrilled to have tomatoes coming in. This morning, I even enjoyed a fried green tomato. I don’t know why, but I found the green tomato on the ground, underneath the otherwise perfect plant. The fallen tomato was perfect, too, no bruises or any sign of diseases. So, I ran it straight into the house and cooked it up! What a lovely morning surprise that was.

And I am pleased with my take for someone who is doing her gardens in containers. From what I’m seeing out there, I should harvest enough tomatoes at one time to roast up with basil and oregano to freeze to give me a taste of summertime in winter. How lucky can one get?Toms and a jalapeno, hot dang

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3 Responses to Oops, it’s Harvest Wednesday

  1. plantsondeck says:

    Happy summer! Aren’t tomatoes just the best?

  2. Your tomatoes look mighty good and your fried green tomato made my mouth water. Happy gardening.

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