What have I done today?

I’ve made white-wine vinegar. At least, I’ve begun the process.

So how do you do that? you ask. See the following link:



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2 Responses to What have I done today?

  1. Teresa says:

    So glad you stopped by my blog. I have to ask. Did you use a vinegar starter or are you just leaving it sit out? I want to make apple cider vinegar this fall, and I’d like to find a good starter.

    • tempusflits says:

      Ah yes, you had that lovely tomato jam and those darling goats! Anyway, about the vinegar: I’m starting mine (white wine) by letting it sit out. I searched the Internet, though, and found this link: http://beer-winemaking.com/product/vinegar-starters/cider-vinegar-culture . I’m not endorsing the site or product. It’s just the first item that came up. Actually, I too had been wondering about starting cidar vinegar — especially now that the last bottle I bought said “cidar vinegar flavor” in small print. I didn’t notice that before I bought the stuff. Now, I’m wondering what it really is?

      Thank you for returning my blog visit, and please pet one of those goats for me!

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