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Harvest Monday, 9/26/10

Each week this month I’ve thought this would be the end of my gardening story. But my little garden has kept going. Please note in the photo my first-ever home-grown peas. The cucumber vines have become so long they’ve grabbed onto the garlic chive flower stalks … Continue reading

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Hoof prints in my soggy yard

We’ve had a lor of rain here, and this morning I went out to check my garden. Well, I’d say from the ripped up sod I’d had deer in the yard. They’re heavy and their hooves sink into the turf when … Continue reading

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Container Gardening: A side trip

I got such a laugh from the first few minutes of this clip that I thought I’d share it. It’s a feature on urban farming, right down to and including farm animals. I suspect in most cities there are ordinances against many of the … Continue reading

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Container Gardening: first, grab a pot.

It seems there are an increasing number of people presently turning to container gardening. In fact, I wonder how many people today are gardening who wouldn’t be without this new craze in gardening? Certainly I wouldn’t be growing the vegetables … Continue reading

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Container Gardening: What have I learned in year one?

First, I’d have to say growing vegetables in containers bears little resemblance to in-ground gardening. Container gardeners don’t use what is commonly thought of as dirt. They use mixes made of a variety of ingredients, none of which is plain-old … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, Sept. 20, ’10

Hey, hey, hey! I have radishes. Not many, I grant you, but I didn’t plant many, either. And it’s all a plus for me, since, as I previously noted here, they all came up leggy. And what I’ve harvested are … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 9/6/10

I have very little to report this week — other than my first-ever lemon cucumber. I loved it. It’s just the right size for a single diner, and it made my son laugh when I told him about it. I’m rather proud … Continue reading

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