Harvest Monday 9/6/10

I have very little to report this week — other than my first-ever lemon cucumber. I loved it. It’s just the right size for a single diner, and it made my son laugh when I told him about it. I’m rather proud of it. It came out of my beginner’s, overstuffed gardening container, and it had to battle its way to sunlight. He’s a champ in my book.

My first-ever lemon cucumber

I’m glad I have something to highlight because otherwise, I’m in a bit of a gardening bust. In fact, if I weren’t such an optimist, I’d be pessimistic about my gardening future now. All of my fall root crops — radish, beets, and turnips — came up leggy. I think I’ve mentioned that I battle shade here. Next spring before the leave come out I may have better luck. I’m also a little confused because I’ve successfully grown tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers in the same place. Additionally, I’m seeing leafminers in all my greens. So once my tomatoes and cucumbers dry up, I’m done for this year. But . . . there’s always next year.

This is part of an update from many gardeners, including those who are good at what they do. To share in their tales, visit Daphne’s Dandelions.

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6 Responses to Harvest Monday 9/6/10

  1. thyme2garden says:

    Very cool lemon cucumber! I just bought some seeds for them, so I’ll be growing them next year. Do they have any hint of a citrusy flavor, or is it just the shape and color that gives them that name?

    • tempusflits says:

      There isn’t any citrus flavor, but they are very good and crisp. And they’re just so very cute. When I first read about these in McGee’s and Stuckey’s Bountiful Container, I couldn’t wait to grow them. That they sprouted and came into production in that over-crouded container is amazing. I hope you enjoy them next year as much as I have. I have a few more on the vines and a way to go until frost yet. Goody, goody.

  2. Angela Moll says:

    There is always next year, you ar right. If you garden in containers, any chance you could move the garden to a sunnier spot?

    • tempusflits says:

      I moved the fall plantings to the driveway which is the sunniest corner in my yard, but it was not enough. All, however, is not lost. My garden spot is ideal in spring before leaves on the surrounding trees unfurl. Plus, there is enough sun there to grow summer crops well through much of summer. But in fall, with all the leaves stubbornly clinging to their trees, and the sun slipping further and further south, my garden becomes very shady. But by next spring, it will become again a sheltered, sun-drenchedl, south facing, and early-producing slope. I’m truly revved by thoughts of winter sowing there. Who knows how early those little seedlings might pop up?

  3. plantsondeck says:

    Judging from your “Harvest Monday” photos, I’d say your garden was far from a bust! Enjoy the lemon cukes and let’s hope for a more hospitable year next year, shall we?

    • tempusflits says:

      Thanks, pod. I’ve enjoyed this garden and each and every offering it has provided me. I can’t wait to start again. I pulled the old celebrity tomato plant today. I know it sounds silly, but it almost felt as though I was tossing out an old friend. It has been a trouper for me and supplied me with the most home-grown tomatoes I’ve ever grown. Next year, I want to plant a lot more patio tomatoes. I had one of those this year, and it has to be one of the prettiest potted tomato plants I’ve ever seen with decent sized fruit and dark-green, rich-looking leaves. I thought I’d buy one start of it in spring for an early harvest and winter sow the rest of them for a later supply of tomatoes. They’re determinates, natch.

      And those lemon cucumbers are fantastic — sweet and crunchy. I’ll grow those again, too. I’ve even read that they can be pickled. Okay! Believe me, I won’t shove them into an overcrowded planter next year but will give them a spacious, well fed, and well watered, home of their own. They’re real winners!

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