Hoof prints in my soggy yard

We’ve had a lor of rain here, and this morning I went out to check my garden. Well, I’d say from the ripped up sod I’d had deer in the yard. They’re heavy and their hooves sink into the turf when my clay is wet. And patches of sunken sod were scattered, here and there, from the back of the yard right up to my house and garden.

I tried to see what they or it had eaten. But I couldn’t find anything. My lettuce is fine, ditto the radishes and peas. One spot, which was so badly trampled, had nothing growing there to be missed, and nothing looked as though it had been consumed. I have no idea what captured its interest there long enough to tear up the grass like that.

I’m always astounded by the size of them. They don’t look any smaller when you see their hoof prints deeply embedded into rain saturated soil, either. Alas no picture. I’ve no idea when this thing came through my yard. I should alert my neighbors. It looks like after tiring of my place, the critter went up my driveway and meandered into the open turf that are front lawns here.

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2 Responses to Hoof prints in my soggy yard

  1. Andi says:

    You are lucky the didn’t eat anything important! Deer make a nightly detour through our yard and it has taken us a few years to learn how to keep them out of our garden plants (and the front garden still takes a beating….or an eating as the case may be…)

    • tempusflits says:

      I do count myself lucky. So far, other than a few ends of the hosta leaves, they’ve left my garden alone. I did take a closer look the next day at the area they really tampled. There was a pokeberry plant there, which I’d missed. (I usually pull them.) Leaves and berries were missing on the plant and I thought the deer had eaten them. Then, when I looked the pokeberry plant up on the Internet, it said the leaves were poisonous, so I doubt the deer would be that stupid. Deer. Who can figure them out?

      Sorry about your damage. That would be frustrating. As I say, so far, so good, here.

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