Harvest Monday, Nov. 1, 2010

The hangers on.

I’d say my harvested veggies pictured above are nothing if not determined. Our weather last week dipped into the low 30s and even the 20s. So this is it — almost. I still have a lovely tub of lettuce and a couple of Swiss chard plants. The leaves on one of the chard plants, however, have shifted from the color green to purple, so I don’t know if they’re still edible.

But while I still harvested some lemon cukes and cherry tomatoes, their plants were killed by last week’s frost/freeze. I’ll pull their stems this afternoon. The desire to let them keep going until mown down by frigid temperatures was irresistible to me. I like my backyard veggies.

Now, I’m revved  for next year. My most immediate need is for more tomatoes. I think I’ll stick with the clearly bred-for-containers varieties next year, though. I just don’t have pots large enough to handler the regular fellows, except for the celebrity, which is close enough to a container variety to grow well for me.

In the meantime, I’ll finish this season off by covering the lettuce tub in a sort of make shift cold frame. The plants are too large and lush to let frost kill them on me. Already, it’s November, and I’ll be eating lettuce from my garden tonight. That’s amazing.

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13 Responses to Harvest Monday, Nov. 1, 2010

  1. Michelle says:

    You get to take a break from gardening now and plan for next year. That’s one disadvantage of gardening year round, there’s always something that the garden is demanding, but I’m not complaining.

    • tempusflits says:

      I’d take year round in a heart beat! Enjoy your “next” growing season for me. I’ll watch you from (very probably) snow blanketed Illinois this winter, where I’ll be plotting my next growing season. I never dreamed growing vegetables could be such fun.

  2. It is wonderful, to be able to grow stuff and harvest them in November. Well done!


    • tempusflits says:

      Thank you. Yes, if anyone told me when I started out this spring that I’d still be harvesting produce in November, I would not have believed them. It’s been a fabulous year.

  3. kitsapFG says:

    Enjoy your container of lettuce. Going that extra step of protecting it should give you quite an extended period of harvest from it. So worth it!

  4. Everyone should agree, cooking out of our own veggies yields in better taste. Happy gardening, now and next year!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  5. Daphne Gould says:

    It is so sad to say goodbye to the tomatoes. But it was a really long year for them. I hope you enjoy your salads.

  6. Stevie says:

    you can never have too many tomatoes!

    • tempusflits says:

      That is so, so true. I used the first of my frozen, oven-roasted tomatoes last night to make a spaghetti sauce. It was delish! I can’t wait to grow more of them next year and to freeze more of them, too!

  7. Veggie PAK says:

    I’m in Zone 8a and pretty much garden year round. Like you though, we still get the last of the tomatoes, which is a sad time. But, the next crops have to go somewhere! It’s all worth it! Even though we don’t have really hard winters, I’m sure Spring Fever will hit hard in a few months. Happy Gardening!

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