What a difference a day makes

What a cold snap we’re having. It’s to get down into the low 40s for the next three nights. Our high today only reached into the low 50s. If the Grinch stole Christmas, who the heck has made off with our spring?

I’ve had a wonderful spring so far and am sure that I will enjoy it again once it returns. Most of the winter sown flowers are in their beds, and the veggies have been coming into my table. I love having fresh lettuce and radishes and spinach and green onions again. The Swiss chard is growing. Plus, I have four tomato plants out so far with plans to add three more to their list. That’s not a bad total when you consider that I garden in containers. Translation: that’s a lot of potting mix!

The snap peas are doing their thing, although they’ve not yet blossomed. I have a fellow blogger to thank for a gardening tip. She said she was going to plant seeds for summer squash and cucumbers in pots to transplant out after the peas peter out. I may try that, too, since the cucumber and some dill is to go into the current pea “patch.”

Gardening is hope springing eternal.

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