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Cabbage, Breakfast Sausage, and Tomato Juice

I only post this because of all the recipes I found, none of them quite matched this one. It is an old and favorite dish of mine. It was the one my Mother made for me when I would eat … Continue reading

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Tomato Fest

I celebrated my tomato crop today. First, I had TWO tomato sandwiches for lunch. That’s freshly sliced garden-grown tomatoes on toast with salt and mayo. Oh boy! Then tonight’s salad was sprinkled with the first of my cherry and grape … Continue reading

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Visit my sister site for a WIP

I’ve just posted the first draft of my first chapter in my latest novel: Murder at Troublesome Creek. Read it here.

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Shifting blog interests

Hi, welcome to my “old blog.” I still garden, but my main interest has shifted to writing, hence my new blog: The Novel Corner. So if your interest is writing, I hope you’ll follow me over there. Thank you.

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Hostas on a dark, wet morning

My old dependables: that’s what I would call them if I gave them names. They all came from just one plant, which I bought when I moved into this house some fifteen years ago. I did nothing to earn them. They … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

What a cold snap we’re having. It’s to get down into the low 40s for the next three nights. Our high today only reached into the low 50s. If the Grinch stole Christmas, who the heck has made off with … Continue reading

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Spring, and the livin’ is tasty

I love the fresh tastes of spring from my garden. I scrambled some eggs this morning, tossing in garlic chives, a green onion, and a few spinach leaves to round the dish out. Easy, pretty, and tasty. Last night, I … Continue reading

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Winter Sowing: good for the garden and the gardener

After growing veggies in pots last summer, I simply could not sit idle all winter. And the moment I learned about Winter Sowing, I knew I had to do it. The goal of winter sowing is to start seeds in covered plastic containers — outside — in … Continue reading

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2010: How Did my Veggies Do?

Here it is, nearly the end of 2010, my first year as a container vegetable gardener. Looking back, I’d say I had far more success than I deserved. I knew nothing about veggie gardening at the outset of this effort … Continue reading

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Mushroom Quiche Heaven

I’m sorry you’re not eating the mushroom quiche I am tonight. So sorry! Recipe here.

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