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Tomato Fest

I celebrated my tomato crop today. First, I had TWO tomato sandwiches for lunch. That’s freshly sliced garden-grown tomatoes on toast with salt and mayo. Oh boy! Then tonight’s salad was sprinkled with the first of my cherry and grape … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

What a cold snap we’re having. It’s to get down into the low 40s for the next three nights. Our high today only reached into the low 50s. If the Grinch stole Christmas, who the heck has made off with … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, 9/26/10

Each week this month I’ve thought this would be the end of my gardening story. But my little garden has kept going. Please note in the photo my first-ever home-grown peas. The cucumber vines have become so long they’ve grabbed onto the garlic chive flower stalks … Continue reading

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Container Gardening: A side trip

I got such a laugh from the first few minutes of this clip that I thought I’d share it. It’s a feature on urban farming, right down to and including farm animals. I suspect in most cities there are ordinances against many of the … Continue reading

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Container Gardening: first, grab a pot.

It seems there are an increasing number of people presently turning to container gardening. In fact, I wonder how many people today are gardening who wouldn’t be without this new craze in gardening? Certainly I wouldn’t be growing the vegetables … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 9/6/10

I have very little to report this week — other than my first-ever lemon cucumber. I loved it. It’s just the right size for a single diner, and it made my son laugh when I told him about it. I’m rather proud … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, Aug. 2, 2010

A portion of my harvest Like many of you here, I’m getting some nice things coming in now that it’s August. But since most of my tomato plants are determinate, I’m nearly at the end of my run. I have … Continue reading

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Making hay while . . .

We’ve had pleasant weather here in central Illinois this week, and today I got outside and got some badly needed work done. Weeded several beds, including one in which I thought I’d found a discarded snake-skin. (Honest, it looked flat to … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday

While my Monday harvest of baby beets and lettuce and one lone radish pictured below may look a little sparse, I am gardening in containers for just one person. Plus, I’m pulling beets as babies because I suspect I might be … Continue reading

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So many wonderful recipes and only 365 nights a year to cook them

I’m revved. My chard is coming up. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Chard probably should have been planted earlier, but I’m new to veggie gardening, and I got mixed up. Anyway, it’s coming up now, and as I’ve … Continue reading

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