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Beef Wellington for One

Sitting in front of my TV one night, I watched in fascination as a young man in a cooking competition made Beef Wellington. No disrespect to him but the thought that went through my mind was, “I could do that.” I mean, the crust is … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, Sept. 20, ’10

Hey, hey, hey! I have radishes. Not many, I grant you, but I didn’t plant many, either. And it’s all a plus for me, since, as I previously noted here, they all came up leggy. And what I’ve harvested are … Continue reading

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So many wonderful recipes and only 365 nights a year to cook them

I’m revved. My chard is coming up. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Chard probably should have been planted earlier, but I’m new to veggie gardening, and I got mixed up. Anyway, it’s coming up now, and as I’ve … Continue reading

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