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Container Gardening: first, grab a pot.

It seems there are an increasing number of people presently turning to container gardening. In fact, I wonder how many people today are gardening who wouldn’t be without this new craze in gardening? Certainly I wouldn’t be growing the vegetables … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, Aug. 2, 2010

A portion of my harvest Like many of you here, I’m getting some nice things coming in now that it’s August. But since most of my tomato plants are determinate, I’m nearly at the end of my run. I have … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

While I’ve been focused on my new containers, my old garden standbys have been doing their thing, bursting into bloom and rewarding me with colorful sights and fine scents. The lilac bush at the back of my yard is ancient and yet lives on! … Continue reading

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A Learning Experience

It’s funny how much I’m learning now that I’m old. Take pansies. I’ve always loved them, but I never grew them. Turns out, by the time I went to the plant shops in mid-May, pansies were long gone. I didn’t … Continue reading

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